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OttomanTR [Ban again?]

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OttomanTR [Ban again?]

Post by Urbaan on Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:57 am


I'm pretty new in this community so I don't if I should this but I had nothing to do so I went through your old bans just to see if there were any familiar playernames that I know and I did find one that I rememember from somewhere. I've been playing pretty much at the Dust 2 server the past week and have played with and against a player called OttomanTR, TR_OTTOMAN_210, Ottoman_TR and vice versa. He is quite a noob, okej he's a really big noob, and doesn't hit too much but I havn't really botherd about him untill I saw his ban in the banlists.
IF it is this same person I know that you'll ban him but according to his movement, (though no demo to compare with) I'm pretty sure that it is the same guy.
Then again, I don't know if "OttomanTR" is a popular name among the turks so I can't say that I'm sure about anything and I don't do any accusations against anyone.
I just thought you should know. I've also seen in my demo against .3lektroShock that OttomanTR connects to the server while I'm demoing .3lektroShock.
When he connets his name is: TR_OTTOMAN_210, might be a coincident but I don't know.

With that said, here is the ban request of OttomanTR provided by Smiley:D.

Server: Dust 2
Name: OttomanTR
Time & Date: Unknown
Cheat: Wallhack (lol obvious)
IP: Unknown (check the serverlogs, if possible)

1. mediafire.com ?qsvhe4ky5s0k333
2. mediafire.com ?v3kmw8beq518idy

Notice: He's already banned at your servers but I've seen him on the Dust 2 server playing alot the last 3-4 days (Today it is 2011/09/14 01:58 CET)


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Try to be better

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