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Welcome to our forum. To see content of forum you need to register first. Please take few seconds and and register. Welcome and enjoy with us and lets make some fun. AND, dont forget the most important thing ! You are not evil member if you are register at forum! To be allowed to put *EviL* tag in game you have to be a member, otherwise you get banned!

Thanks,EviL Family.

How to become evil member!

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Info How to become evil member!

Post by Witch on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:24 pm


You like us ? You woud like to be a part of our clan?

You are at right place to know more about it.

We are international clan, so everyone have the same chance to join in the clan, it all depends on you and how far you are ready to go to become part of us.
We suggest you to watch this post before you write your application for join, it may be useful for you.

Here are some rules that you must obbey if you want to join us:

1) First than all, you have to know english to have the possibility to talk to each other, because as you may have see we are international clan and only way to contact each other is to use english.

2)You must be older than 17.This rule sometimes can be broke , if you are older...in your head .

3)You would never cheat. Cheating is one of the worst things in the world, so if we discover that u cheat or we get your demos in our hands, forget about joining our clan and forget to join our servers again .

4)You have to be active at following communication system which use our clan.This rule is the most important rule.
  • You must be active at our Irc server: #evil-urtclan @ Quakenet.org
  • You must be active at our Mumble voice server
  • You must be active on forum.Do not write request if u have less than 50 posts here.
  • You must play at our server, and have some skill.

5) You have to behave.Bad behaviors are never welcome to our clan.Try to be more kind and friendly with people on server,irc or forum because we are!

Those are some of the most important rules.Respect them and you will not have any problems to join our clan.

When you post an application it should be like this:

Your nickname is?
You come from?
Your ages?
Have you ever been in clan and which?
What is your favorite mode ?
Are you able to play wars ?
How long do you play urban terror ?
Why do you want join Evil ?
Are you able to participate in clan by donating for servers ? if yes how much ? ( notice , that we dont ask  you to donate we only ask if you could )

Witch & Disky

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Info Re: How to become evil member!

Post by DiSky on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:05 am

Hello ,
Due To some members & some admins kicked from our community for cheat ,
Everyone , members & admins on servers have to install UAC2 .

What is UAC2 ?
UAC2 is a ANTI-CHEAT made for some games , We can use it for urbanterror .
The Database of UAC2 is updated each days with the new hacks ,
The only way to hide his hack from UAC2 is to buy hack ( because it is very hard to code hack for uac2 Razz )
So , if you hack , it would be better to spend your money for us than for hack .
UAC2 , takes screenshoot randomly of your urbanterror while you play ,if you back on windows , your screenshoot will be black , so none can see your private informations .

How it works :
First Follow the guid .
When you will have register , you will get an ID & a USERNAME .
When you play urban terror , you will have to launch UAC2 , then every screenshoot will be associed with your USERNAME & ID on www.UAC2.com .
Everyone will be able to check same , by only writing your ID .
If any hack is detected , a message will appear at the user . ( with the name of hack too . ) .
Of course , if any of you , have this message , i guess you will be banned from every servers *Evil*.* & disky + witch would be happy to send the screenshoot to UAA =D

[Step 1]
Download & Install UAC2

[Step 2]
Launch UAC2

[Step 3]
Click The "Create an Account" button to create your account

Create Account

[Step 4]
Enter in the account details you want and press "Register".

[Step 5]
Check your email, you will have an email from us regarding your registeration.
You must use that link and confirm your email address before you can use UAC.

[Step 6]
Enter your newly created account details into the login box and push "Login".

[Step 7]
You should now be able move to the "Play" Mode.
This is where you go when you want to start up UAC.

You should now be able move to the "Screens" Mode.
This is where you go browse and view yours and other players screenshots.

P.S : only working for XP / VISTA / SEVEN & maybe linux .

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