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Very important FORUM RULES!

Post by Witch on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:17 am


Before you start to write any topic or make post we suggest you to check our forum rules.
It will be useful for you and by reading those rules, you gonna avoid warning for breaking rules and it will be less painful for all of us.
So please take a few minutes and read those rules well.

1)At this forum only English is allowed! So please if you don't know English don't even open any topic or make any post until you have learnt English also, dont try to use google translator...
The reason why English is only allowed is that we are international clan and we all have different language, so English is the only way to understand each other.

2)Do not spam.Spam is forbidden, so please we suggest you to learn what does this word means if you haven't done already.You are not allowed to post more than one topic with same contain, same question or anything else.Write one topic and wait till we reply you.

3)Behave yourself. As rule number #2 this is hard breaking of rules.Our website use auto censuring bad word system, so all bad words will be censured.If you find a way to avoid our system and write a bad words it will be considered as breaking rules.Of course we allowe you to joke but be careful that you don't go too far with it.

4)Be careful with grammar.We don't ask you to write your English excellent but please start sentence with big letter and finish with ".".This will make forum more clearly and more visible.

5)If your post contain more than 60% of big or bold letters it will considering like breaking rules as well.Please you dont have to write big letters, we are not blind. This will make forum more neatly.

6)Signature size.Be careful with your signature size.We allowe you to put your xlrstats in signature but be careful that your signature is not too big, because big signature make forum messy for other users.

7)Insulting.Do not insult each other.Every insult is forbidden: racist, politic or nacistic.So please, we are here to have fun, not to fight each others.

8)Avatars.Do not use pornography as your avatar.If you don't have any avatar to use, take some from our gallery.

9)Multy account.It's forbidden to open more than one account at this forum!This is considering as big foul.If you forgot your password here is a e-mail where you can ask for your password back.e-mail: evil-service@evil-urtclan.com.
It is one account per person , so if your brother or someone else from your family would like to register , you have to inform forum team!

10)Advertising . Its forbidden to advertise your website, forum, game server, clan.If you want to advertise something, contact Moderator or Administrator to allowe you.

11)Search.Use our forum search system to find a topic.. and posts with same meanings.

If you break one of our rules , our moderator team will : First contact you by Private Message and give you Verbal warning ( it means , you will receive a link of the message in case you did not read it . ) and if you continue to do the same mistake in less than 48h , you will receive a warn from our warning system.( remember : 4 warning = ban from forum and servers .)
Warnings can be removed, if you don't break any of those rules in a period of a one month.

That's the rules you must respect or you gonna be under huge consenquences. Trust me Smile

Witch & Disky

Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.

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