*EviL* Urban Terror Family
Welcome to our forum. To see content of forum you need to register first. Please take few seconds and and register. Welcome and enjoy with us and lets make some fun. AND, dont forget the most important thing ! You are not evil member if you are register at forum! To be allowed to put *EviL* tag in game you have to be a member, otherwise you get banned!

Thanks,EviL Family.

Welcome to *EviL* home ! Feel free to come see us on IRC chan #evil-urtclan @ irc.quakenet.org! If u have any suggestion or question feel free to ask us, and we will try to answer you best way we can! Enjoy your stay and have fun with us ;) For any question contact following e-mail: >>>evil-service@evil-urtclan.com<<<
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*Evil* Urban terror clan - Portal B_560_95_1
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*Evil* Urban terror clan - Portal B_560_95_1
*Evil* Urban terror clan - Portal Logoli
  • *EviL*.*Witch*
  • *EviL*.*DiSky*
  • *EviL*.*Hornik*
  • *EviL*.*Misu*
  • *EviL*.*Goomba*
  • *EviL*.*Sysmouse*
  • *EviL*.*MIV*
  • *EviL*.*Kossa*
  • *EviL*.*Killer*
  • *EviL*.*Velocity*
  • *EviL*.*Just_Mike*
  • *EviL*.*Fonducci*
  • *EviL*.*London*
  • *EviL*.*Aloha!!!*
  • *EviL*.*M@XxX*
  • *EviL*.*VipER*
  • *EviL*.*AnArChY*
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